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Once you learn to read, you will forever be free”- Fredrick Douglass

Would life be like if there were no pages to turn? Life would be quite restricted and limited. Children first discover their world through great books of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Below, I share reviews for stories that are diverse, relevant, and enjoyable for first and young readers.

American Dream

The major theme of the story is patriotism; and honestly, as a mother of color, being patriotic is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of diversity.

Finding A Groove

Growing up, I was an undeniably, awkward child. I was overweight, wore wide rim glasses; and contained a mouth full of braces. I was terribly shy and when I was around people, I didn’t understand myself enough to be myself. I was dreadfully teased.  At that time, there was no such thing as bullying awareness… Continue Reading →

Where I’m From

“My husband is a city guy and I am a country girl. We are the perfect paradox of parents for our son. Our backgrounds and perspectives on life shape what we teach and model to our son.”

A Simple Hair Cut

I don’t know how many people will understand me when I say this , but a ponytail is not just a ponytail, a bang is not just a bang, and a haircut is not just a haircut in some parts of the African-American community. Cornrows by Camille Yarbrough illustrated by Carole Byard speaks to the fact that cornrows are more than just a hairstyle.

No homework

Somewhere in the world, a classroom like this exist and this is the type of classroom that I want my JohnJohn to belong to.

The Long Ride Home

 My child does not nap on his own. Honestly, I’m over it. I’m  tired of the whitnoise machines, lullaby playlists, and the endless cups of milk. In my opinion, naptime routines are overrated.  I have come to the point in my parent journey that as long as JohnJohn can nap on his own by  the time… Continue Reading →

Peace, Tranquility, Hope..repeat

It is a great thing to embrace our different backgrounds and cultural identities, but it’s even better to teach children to embrace their individuality and uniqueness.

Nature’s Dance

  I have always loved to dance. When I was a teenager, I would have concerts in front of the mirror where I secretly crowned myself the dancing queen. When I was in my twenties, my dance moves made me the center of attention at every party. I don’t discriminate against any genre of music,… Continue Reading →

No Such thing as Sitcom Parents

There is no such thing as a sitcom, perfect parent. Trauma, no matter how it presents itself in the family, affects children. What is to be appreciated is how honest the writer is in illustrating this trauma.

” Spooky Troublemakers”

As we journey through the age of 3, I know that this will be a story that JohnJohn and I will reference often. There will come a time when he needs to be reminded of what it means to be virtuous or what to do when he faces another adversarius “troublemaker”.

More Cheese Please!

My child loves yellow cheese. Kraft singles, sharp cheddar, or Velveeta, as long as its yellow, it doesn’t matter. Like most toddlers, he tends to be a picky eater. But when I found out how much he loves cheese, I used it as leverage to motivate him to be the balanced eater that I wanted… Continue Reading →

What in the World???

what happens when he begins to understand that something unexplainable is happening. Here is a list of kid-friendly stories that explain the Pandemic and uniqueness of the times.

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